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Krew Kliber.jpg

Krew Kliber - Freshman, #3

Josh Bank.jpg

Joshua Bank - Freshman, #4

F - Tanner Anderson.jpg

Tanner Anderson - Freshman, #5

Kyle Kenney.jpg

Kyle Kenney - Freshman, #6

Keagan Bryant.jpg

Keegan Bryant - Freshman, #8

F - Devin Long.jpg

Devin Long - Freshman, #11

Aaron Horowitz.jpg

Aaron Horowitz - Freshman, #12

James Pond.jpg

James Pond - Freshman, #14

Hunter Soelle.jpg

Hunter Soelle - Freshman, #16

Jackson Thom.jpg

Jackson Thom - Freshman, #17

Dillon Yeager.jpg

Dillon Yeager - Freshman, #19

Bo Shuba.jpg

Bo Shuba - Freshman, #22

Tyler Nuss.jpg

Tyler Nuss - Freshman, #25

Max Mangini.jpg

Max Mangini - Freshman, #28

Adam Ewoniuk.jpg

Adam Ewoniuk - Freshman, #30

Ellis Levine.jpg

Ellis Levine - Freshman, #31

Justin Smith.jpg

Justin Smith - Freshman, #32

Cameron King.jpg

Cameron King - Freshman, #34



Keith Rajanen - Freshman Coach

Keith Rajanen (Coach Raj) has been a part of the Chaparral family coaching Freshman baseball for 16 years. That indicates that he has been coaching Freshman baseball at Chaparral since before the current Freshman were even born! Coach Raj is very proud to be coaching Chaparral baseball, which teaches more than just how to play the game. Hard work, discipline, responsibility, respect, and the concepts of teamwork and FAMILY, are just a few.


Kaipo Spenser - Freshman Coach, Pitching Coach

Born in Wailuku, Hawaii, Kaipo’s baseball career began in 1994 as a pitcher for the ASU Sun Devils. He was honored with the ASU Freshman of the Year Award, named Pitcher of the Year in 1995, was chosen All-Conference, and named All American by Baseball America. While at ASU, Spenser pitched in the College World Series and was a member of Team USA which won the National Baseball Congress World Series. In 1996, he was drafted by the Cleveland Indians, playing in their farm system. Married to Jennifer, the couple has two boys, Kainoa and Keanu. Kaipo has been coaching at Chaparral since 2018. 

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