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Chaparral Baseball Pavilion Nearly Complete

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Thanks to the support of our incredible baseball family, the NEW Chaparral Baseball Player and Family Pavilion is almost complete! It’s been amazing to watch our stadium become transformed into a warm and inviting gathering space for our baseball community. So, what exactly is a new pavilion? It’s a community space for Chaparral baseball that will showcase the program’s history, as well as support its future. All the old (and dangerous) river rock has been removed and a fresh slab of concrete has been poured in the stadium’s courtyard. There have been 8 new picnic tables furnished, each with a solar light powered umbrella. The space can now accommodate seating for over 60 people! Solar lights also illuminate the space throughout, making it usable and inviting for evening events and activities. A new legacy walkway has been created, anchored by a metal block “C” in its center, and adorned by both alumni and current player legacy brick pavers.

The legacy brick walkway will grow with our baseball program, as new bricks are added each season to commemorate our alumni, players, and families. There are two legacy walls set to be installed in January 2022 to honor Chaparral Baseball’s long and rich history. And flying high above the pavilion will be flagpole banners of the 8 Firebirds players who have gone on to play in MLB! The new Player and Family Pavilion has already become home to our annual Fall Football Tailgate, which was hosted in October 2021, as our first event in the new space. While this was the first of many exciting and fun events to be held in this collaborative new space, it is surely not the last. Look forward to many more program barbecue dinners, events, meetings, and even a few surprises for many years to come!


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